Original Backgammon for Beginners promo pics

Here are the first of photos for Backgammon for Beginners, taken by Bertil Nilsson  (currently exhibiting at the Roundhouse as part of CircusFest). At this point, we didn’t really know what shape the show was going to take- hence Martha Harrison being in them, although she wasn’t in the show.

It was organised last minute, in the only 2 hours that all 4 of us, plus Bertil were free. I had been internet shopping for 70s clothes (with next-day delivery) in blind panic. Kaveh picked up a couple of “Iranian-looking” things from around the house- a rug, the backgammon board, an old suitcase. We were kindly offered the studio space by Broadway Theatre, Barking and by some unlikely chance, these lovely photos came out. It was one of the most stressful days of my life (besides when we woke up late to get the ferry from Liverpool to Dun Loaghaire).
So & So Circus reviewsIMG_2197IMG_2196


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About Lauren Hendry

I set up The Production Shed in 2013, to grow contemporary circus across the UK by working with companies making great work on a small scale. Previously, I trained at the National Centre For Circus Arts, and set up So & So Circus Theatre, with whom I created and toured shows for 6 years.

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